DIY Fox Cup Cozy

By on March 16, 2017

Spring may be coming, but it’s definitely taking its sweet time. Until the flowers start blooming, we’re bundling up with warm blankets, fuzzy sweaters and all the hot tea and coffee we can handle. To help keep our drinks warm, crafting goddess Lia Griffith created this charming fox cozy DIY — and it’s so easy to replicate at home.

Supplies :

  • Fox cozy pattern
  • Felt
  • Quick dry tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • 16-oz paper cup


1. Print out the fox template at full size.

2. Cut out each of the individual pieces.

3. Pin the cutout pattern pieces to the felt. The fox’s head and body are orange; its tail, face and ears are white; and its eyes and nose are black.

4. Carefully cut all of the pattern pieces out of the felt, then remove the pins and paper template.

5. Secure all of the separate layers with tacky glue. Tip: Use a toothpick for the really tiny pieces.

6. Once your fox is assembled, wrap the body portion around your cup and glue all the way around the edge for a tight fit.

7. Glue the fox’s head to its body at a slight tilt. Let your cozy dry before you use it.

8. Brew up your favorite hot drink and take it to go.

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