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Speculations are saying that Apple could be releasing the iPad Pro 2 at an exclusive spring event which would be around the same time last year’s iPad models were unveiled. Other speculations, however, are suggesting that the device will be released on April 4.

Apple iPad Pro 2 release speculated to happen on April 4. According to the website Apple World Today, the Pro 2 could be released on April 4. This claim, unfortunately, does not have the backing of the Cupertino-based tech giant. It is only safe to take it with a grain of salt.

As of the moment, it seems that Apple does not have any current iPad models lying around as shipping time for an order is showing an expected time of arrival (ETA) of two to three weeks. This is a possible indication that the company is planning to release a new model soon as Apple tends to always clear out its inventory ahead of a product launch. Aside from this, retailers have begun offering discounts of up to US$150 on current iPad models.

Clicking on the ‘Check Availability’ button on Apple’s website will give buyers the date April 4 regardless of what iPad model one is interested in. Apple World Today’s speculation of an April 4 release date could just be based off this information which means that the iPad Pro 2 would be released on the day that all other current iPad models are once again made available.

With regard to where the Pro 2’s launch will be, there are speculations pointing to the Steve Jobs Theater as the venue. It should be noted that the theater is located inside the company’s new headquarters Apple Park which will open in April but only to employees. However, the Steve Jobs Theater itself will not be open until later this year making this speculation unlikely.

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