Natural Beauty Is Great. But So Is Natural-ish Beauty, Says This Crazy Ad for a Lip Plumper

By on April 29, 2017

What would you get if you crossed Zoolander with Barbarella and tossed in the robot dance, adorable puppies, and ice sculptures of Michelangelo’s David? Another clue: Gorgeous gals shoot killer laser beams out of their eyes and party on the moon.

No guesses? Come on, that should’ve been easy.

OK, it’s a mini-movie for a new product called Kiss, which, in just over three minutes, covers a lot of zany, incongruous ground on the way to hawking a lip plumper. It goes from a day spa to “outer space” and mixes the modern infomercial format with a sassy music video to introduce the cosmetic from Utah-based beauty brand PMD.

The video, which launched Friday on Facebook and has quickly snagged almost 2 million organic and paid views, comes from Chamber.Media, the team that created viral videos for Nerd Skincare and NordicTrack.

“We wanted to do something with a high-fashion feel to it, but approachable and also outlandish,” said Travis Chambers, the company’s chief media hacker, tells AdFreak. “As long-form social ads are becoming commonplace, you have to do something different.”

The Kiss video qualifies, all right, with its social media stars (Nicole Arbour from Facebook, Brandi Marie King from Instagram, Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins from YouTube) showing what it’s like to let your vanity flag fly—though it’s inner beauty that really counts, of course.

You don’t need this product to be sexy, they say, but you might want it because, well, you care about your looks. Not “butt implant care” or “placenta on your face care,” Arbour says during the ad, but you want to look hot—right, girls?

Chambers, who said the men working on the video all tried Kiss themselves, called it an indulgence, “a guilty pleasure,” and the ad is intended to “poke a little fun and make people feel comfortable with the product.”

Alternative ways to get a plumper kisser are lip injections, DIY methods and whatever Kylie Jenner is shilling at the moment. So Chambers thinks PMD, already a successful seller of microderm abrasion products at upscale retailer Nordstrom, is hitting the market at a good time.

“The trend right now is natural beauty, but since all of us do little things, it’s kind of natural-ish,” Chambers said. “The ad’s saying it’s OK to do that. It’s a perk.”

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